A.T. Renczarski & Company, Incorporated is a structural engineering consulting firm.  We have the expertise, education and advanced training required to provide you with the necessary services to give you the results that satisfy your needs. We have excellent in-house AutoCAD capabilities to compliment all of our design services. The principals of the firm, one of whom holds an advanced degree in structural engineering, are registered to practice structural engineering in 12 states.





The firm has been in business since 1975 and has successfully completed in excess of 4800 projects.  Our work has been diverse in nature and often quite complicated. We have not shied away from unusual or difficult designs.



Type of Work:


Our design services include the design of new facilities and additions, alterations, or the rehabilitation of existing facilities. Other services encompass failure analysis, insurance claims, demolition specifications, building and property evaluations, peer reviews, and construction monitoring.


Our design projects, whether stand alone, or a new addition, include schools, detention facilities, gymnasiums, libraries, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, theaters, multi-family housing, public buildings, industrial buildings, tornado shelters, and others. We provide assistance to homeowners for structural needs and cures for residential problems.



Geographical Range of Work:


Our work is not limited to the greater Metropolitan Kansas City area. We have had projects throughout the United States as well as in numerous countries across the globe.  Past overseas work has included assignments in Argentina, Bahrain, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, the Virgin Islands, Korea, and Mainland China.



Design Considerations:


Our design encompasses all types of building materials and concepts including, but not limited to; pre-cast concrete, post-tension concrete, poured in-place concrete construction, composite design, tilt wall construction, steel, wood, and masonry construction. 


We provide services for the rehabilitation of existing structures that have been subject to deterioration from a chronic problem of moisture leakage or differential settlement of the foundation.  Our design is made to address deficiencies of a structure that has lost its ability to function as intended.  It is often the case where, with proper repairs, the structure can be made safe and useful for years to come.  There are conditions however when the basis for such a decision can amount to little else than a coin toss.  We can provide design options allowing the architect or the owner the option of either repairing or replacing the structure based on an analysis based in fact.


We will provide designs to strengthen structures when new equipment is being added to a roof, or when it is simply the desire to add on heavier roofing materials. We will assure that your old roof structure is safe to operate under snow drift conditions when it is now in the shadow of a new taller structure consisting of the equipment or extensions of existing walls or parapets


We offer failure analysis services that encompass broad-spectrum knowledge of structures and their behavior under extreme circumstances. Our failure analysis services have been performed on the behalf of both the insured and the insurance companies.  We have worked with the effect of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and lightning, as well as having analyzed the damage caused by fire, corrosion and deterioration. We have been qualified as expert witnesses on numerous occasions.


We have expertise in the area of demolition. The demolition jobs that one hears about on the evening news usually consist of 20 story hotels with little else than the width of an alley on either side.  Most demolition projects do not consist of 20 story hotels. The norm may not be quite as news worthy or important except to those who might well be affected by demolition activities immediately adjacent to their holdings.  We know how to have a structure safely removed from a site and how to assure that an adjacent property is protected.



Project Goal and Assistance:


We work in concert with our clients to fulfill their needs. A.T. Renczarski evaluates all projects prior to accepting the assignment.  We review the overall feasibility of the project.


We will assist our clients to find help needed when work is outside our area of expertise. We can help you put a project team together, or work in harmony with a project team that has already been constructed. If, as an example, you have a Pre-Engineered Metal Building we will provide you with a properly designed site-specific foundation system. 


We will always provide you with the utmost in services!